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Domestic Water Heater Tank Lining 101

  1. What normally fails in a Domestic Water Heater?
  1. “The Lining”
  1. Why do manufacturers line their tanks?
  1. In order to separate and protect the steel from the corrosive aspects of heating and removing/replacing the water in domestic applications.
  1. Then why do manufacturers utilize sacrificial anode rods?
  1. Because they cannot guarantee complete coverage for their lining application. Discontinuities are acceptable by code.
  1. Why does PVI not use Anode Rods?
  1. Because they guarantee their Polyshield® or Nickelshield® lining to be void-free to ASTM D-5162 “Wet Electrode Standard”.  PVI lining is applied after all fabrication has taken place.
  1. So is a tank with no required anode rod protection and a warranty of 10 to 20 years a beneficial feature for the owner?
  1. YES
  1. A tank with lining and sacrificial anode rod is the first level of protection. A tank with a lining that does not require an anode rod to protect the tank is the second level of protection.
    What would the third level of protection be?


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