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AquaPLEX Engineered Duplex Alloy From PVI &
Domestic Water Heater Tank Lining 101

PVI is pleased to introduce a new tank and heating surface material that blends 300 and 400 Stainless Steel - AQUAPLEX™ that eliminates the need for a water side protective lining.

PVI current tank preparation and lining process has not required the installation of sacrificial anode rods * due to their Polyshield or Nickelshield lining process complying with ASTM D-5162 Standard.

Now with the application of AQUAPLEX™ Duplex Alloy in their tank construction, PVI are able to offer storage water heater solutions for:
  • High Temperature Potable Water
  • Base Metal Solution not subject to stress chloride cracking
  • Does not require a tank lining.

New AQUAPLEX™ products include:
  • Power VT Plus:
    95% to 98% Thermal Efficient, 399 to 2,000 MBH
  • Tricon:
    92% to 95% Thermal Efficient, 399 to 2,000 MBH
  • Turbopower 99:
    99% Thermal Efficient, 2,000 MBH
  • 80% Minimum Post Consumer Recycled material in Base Metal
  • No Lining Material – No VOC’s emitted during manufacturing process
  • Less material required to achieve desired strength, therefore weight reduction = less energy required to transport and handle
  • Plus 92% to 99% Thermal Efficient to ANSI Z21.10.3 Storage Water Heater

True System Operating Efficiency:

*Sacrificial Anode Rods – used as a temporary tank corrosion protection. ASME code HWL-200 in respect to glass lining states that “the discontinuities shall average not more than 1/8 sq inch per 1 sq foot”, that works out to 25 sq inch in a 400 US gallon tank.


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